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You should get started, and soon, on your China PIPL first steps of the planning process. Some suggested steps you can do now:

  • Map & identify your data, fields, legal bases, etc.
  • Map out data handling processes
  • Identify any off-shore data transfers
  • Idenify vendors, such as email vendors, and sub-handling
  • Identify 3rd parties, such as marekting parnters
  • Find & update policies, including privacy policy
  • Create or update notices
  • Identify & understand existing & future cookie policies
  • Identify automated processing that may fall under PIPL
  • Plan consent requirements and getting consent process, tools, vendors, etc.
  • Start and prioritize technology projects and planning for PIPL compliance
  • Plan how individual will exercise their rights for view, correct, delete, etc.
  • Plan internal staff, team, and vendor training
  • Update existing and template contracts for vendors, partners, etc.
  • Setup data retention policies and technical means to purge and delete’
  • Identify if you need a privay protection officer
  • Plan how you’ll audit and report your activities and processing under the PIPL

Get going on your China PIPL first steps today.

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